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Our bunnies
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There exist only 2 sorts of females – these who don’t have the influence to make blokes turn their head after them, and the second kind – these who can. Our bunnies most certainly belong to the latter category, and it wouldn’t be a lie to say that if our kitties gathered in a populated place, and a hundred blokes would be there to encounter that, then the sum of one hundred gents would keep their look locked on our honeys – and it’s how full of potential their attractiveness is.

We admit that it wasn’t effortless to find such rare talents and convince them to work with our agency- but we asked on our knees and bribed, and here it is – these ultimate hot stuffs are purchasable for you to ask them to your hotel or place this evening!

And all of this candy for a ridiculously cheap price of 99 British pounds, but it might differ a a few cents, depending upon the details of the place of your current living. The personalised pricelist you can immediately get by telephoning our receptionist on one of the telephone numbers seen above, and a cordial voice will at express time give you all the additional valuation.

So waste time no more, that petite short cake could be posing like a cat in your flat right now. And you don’t even have to gain the courage to ask her out, all you should do is buzz our bureau. Isn’t it just like something from your best fantasies coming into life? Have our word for this, that a whole lot more might come into life, if only you are on time with your booking.

We have a whole lot of honeys, but each and every one is extremely in demand and where we live is a giant metropolis after all! So be the ringleader and book before some other lad does. We always promise you utmost discretion, and never store any personal info, so no one – even your neighbour – will discover that you are here seeing a girl so curvaceous she could come from a magazine cover.

If you guess this is the end of surprises, then we will shock you a little – you can too get a marvelous discount if meeting for numerous hours or several Kensington escorts girls at once, and on an overnight visit you save the incredible sum of 70 L.