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Story - Why Ilford IG6

Why Ilford IG6
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Why Ilford IG6 Is a Must-visit For Everyone?

Ilford is a comparatively large town situated in the East of London. The center of the city is the head district of the IG postcode area, with its postal code being IG6. People recognize it as an important trading center for the southern parts of England. The town is full of artistic and expressive eye-catching sights that most people are interested in exploring.

Culture and Art

It is home to many artists, with their cultural theatre being The Kenneth More Theatre that entertains the natives with their plays and musicals. If you have an interest in arts and music, Ilford is the place you should visit. It is primarily a peaceful town known for its pantomime musicals that happen annually between Decembers to January.


Ilford has a lot of greenery with graceful parks everywhere for its people to enjoy and relax in. If you have nothing to do, get your fishing rod out or lend one and fish in the park. The positive environment of the town affects the people visiting it as the foresaid place has a vibe of its own.

I would suggest that you go to Valentines Park at least once while you are visiting Ilford. It is about 130 acres, to the south of Gants Hill. If you have an interest in history, thenknow this: Valentines Park was once the grounds of the Valentines Mansion, which was built in 1969 approximately for the widow of John Tillotson, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the moment.


It is the perfect location for commuters and tourists because it connects to the capital via a railway system. It is basically on the transport passageway between the coastal side of Essex and London.


If you are a student of theatre who is visiting London, you should definitely visit Ilford. The culture is rich, and the town's history never ceases to amaze the ones calling it home or the people wanting to see it.